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Love Me Do: Valentine's Day in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the world's most romantic cities. While it may lack the history or architecture of Paris or Florence, there are still a million ways to woo and wow the one you love. Here are five of the best:


The Peak - One of the world's most truly breathtaking views comes from atop Victoria Peak, overlooking all of Hong Kong. The city laid out before you, the industry and energy of the harbour, the countless skyscrapers, the mountains and islands in the distance, it really has it all. Our tip is to avoid the crowds at the Peak tower and walk instead for five minutes or so along Lugard Road - although it's really more of a footpath. There you'll get uninterrupted views, privacy and the perfect place to melt their heart.


Star Ferry - second only has to be heading out on the water of the harbour. You may find yourself in the Star Ferry, Hong Kong's unique and iconic boats which criss-cross the water throughout the day. The views are spectacular, the gentle rocking of the boat may lead you to your loved one's arms....and it'll only cost you 2 Hong Kong dollars - about 25 US cents. Alternatively hit up the Aqua junk for a slow boat feeling with cocktails and lounging on harbour tours. 

Disney – “When you wish upon a star...” Disney has been bringing in lovestruck couples for years, ready to fall under the spell of the Magic Castle, take some snaps with Donald and Goofy, or ride the love boats on the park’s lakes. Throw in sweet treats, scary rides which make you cling to one another and you have the perfect recipe to be loved up like Mickey and Minnie in no time.


Pak Nai – Pak Nai translates as ‘white mud’ from Cantonese to English, but it’s far more romantic than it sounds: it’s one of the very best places to watch the sun set in Hong Kong. There are more than four miles of walking on beaches, farms and more but the best views come from Deep Bay Rd. Maybe bring a picnic with some bubbles to really make it the perfect way to spend Feb 14th with your beloved.


Hotel Icon -Naturally love is also in the air here at Hotel ICON, with culinary treats to excite palates and spa treatments to pamper and relax, meaning there's no better spot in Hong Kong to show your Valentine how you feel. Across our award-winning range of dining options, the buffet at The Market is renowned for its epicurean excellence and offers Valentine-themed culinary creations at the buffet with custom-crafted sweet temptations at the dessert bar. Don't forget a glass of champagne to accompany and a Lindt chocolate fondue set as a giveaway. To truly make the 14th memorable, make a night of it in the romantic seclusion of suites, where only the stunning sea views will take your eyes off your Valentine!