When you are as big on local culture as Hotel ICON, preserving it comes naturally. We work with employees and guests to ensure green practices are in place hotel-wide, and we’re excited to share our eco-initiatives.

Designed GREEN

Over eight thousand plants (8,603 plants, 71 species) grow in the vertical garden that greets guests in our lobby.

Energy saving

The hotel has been awarded the CarbonCare® Label by Carbon Care Asia Ltd which recognises our achievement in carbon footprint reduction.
We cut CO2 emissions and save between 25 and 28 per cent on energy consumption by using water cooling systems for our chiller plant cooling instead of air. We convert what would be waste energy to create pre-cool (in summer) or pre-heat (in winter) fresh air, and use heat pumps to pre-heat water in for our swimming pools and our guest rooms.
We maximize use of natural ventilation and lighting, and when we must use lamps, we always choose high efficiency LED. If a space is not being used, our sensors know to switch off all lights and other electric functions. That’s when we love technology.



Recycling and Sustainability

Paperless check-in is not only speedy; it saved 2.39 tons of paper or 40 trees, last year. We also recycle our garbage, including glass and plastic bottles, paper and aluminum cans, as well as cooling tower water. Our We Care program allows guests to choose when they want linens and towels replaced.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We love traditions here at Hotel ICON. Excess edible food from our kitchens is donated to the “Food Angels” organization, which provides healthful food for local families in need. Our glass is recycled as part of the City’s Glass Container Recycling programme.


We’re proud to have led the industry in moving to 100% electric transportation with our state-of-the-art electric bus, Tesla limos and the BMW i3.  These silent, smooth and emission-free vehicles deliver exhilarating yet eco-friendly rides, but are far from a gimmick: they’re fundamentally the right thing to do and sit perfectly with our philosophy of running a property that is sustainable wherever possible. Charging stations are also available for individual drivers of electric cars.
If you think green too and want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact for more details on Hotel ICON’s Green Policies.