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At Five, ICON is growing up beautifully!


I love a hotel that doesn't hedge it's self-regard! If you call yourself Hotel ICON, you have got to make sure you live up to the name! Luckily ICON does. It's special and different, but makes a point of being so without too much trying. It's just the right size to feel city smart but not overwhelmingly so, comfortable without being suffocating and utterly photogenic without any hint of embarrassment! The design is pretty special, the food delicious, and you are treated by every member of staff as if service was a calling!

Hotel Icon is your friend, and like the best sort of friend it embraces you on arrival, knows what you might need to make your stay feel like a better version of home, and then leaves you alone to just be yourself.

On my first evening I took a book up to the Club Floor (where I was treated to properly chilled champagne) but I didn't open it because if you are not chatting to the other guests or deciding which canapé to choose, you are definitely looking at the view which unfolds before you and keeps you mesmerized whilst the wonderful staff refill your glass. I have a very personal relationship with Icon.


I knew the hotel before a brick had even been laid, because in 2009 I was charged with creating the brand and positioning for the hotel, but for one reason and another I had never actually visited. I work in London and I had helped develop the brand from there. On instinct and imagination alone.

I watched its development, saw the images of the interiors, commented on how things should look and feel and celebrated the successes that came the hotel's way. But I'd still never been until recently. But Icon is five years old now and I needed to see she was growing up beautifully and can continue to evolve. So five years later when I finally did arrive, it all felt familiar of course.

The living wall, the art, the layout of Above and Beyond, but it was the little things that thrilled me. The unexpected detail in the bedroom (who doesn't love a pencil sharpener in a stationary tray?!) the technology and the depth of the bath. I was working but it was the most relaxing week of my life!



Oh, and the food. It's delicious, plentiful, fresh and you are particularly spoilt for choice in the Market! Icon is generous and kind, you don't feel for a moment that they are trying to profit from you. They can't do enough for you and it all comes with a wonderful grace and charm.


But what really sets Hotel Icon apart is its individuality. It really is not like any other hotel, and it's all exactly as I had imagined it, right down to the scent in lift. Only it's better and I am proud, and who can ask for more than that?


Blog created by ICON creative adviser – Jane Allan