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7 Drinks to Fit Your Mood


If you’re not sure what to get at a bar, maybe you should consider consulting this list. With research done by our curious Communications team coupled with recommendations from our expert bartender, Dino Chen, we are going to dissect your emotions to its core and prescribe the best drink to fit your mood tonight. All drinks are available at Above and Beyond (28F), Hotel ICON. 

Does vodka make you dance?

Does gin make you want to pour your heart out?

here are seven drinks to fit your mood

1. The First Date: Scotch Whisky

We all know that first impressions may be intimidating... don't even get us started on first date nerves! Rather than feigning sophistication, we recommend getting a gender-neutral drink like scotch. For the lady, having scotch portrays an adventurous, independent and curious spirit. A man sipping scotch brings out his masculinity.


The ICON Twist, for ladies: Floriography, in order words “The Language of Flowers” was curated in 2013 for Hotel ICON’s Mother’s Day special, and this drink has been on the menu ever since, and with a good reason. With a Gin base dressed with Sakura, Lychee, Rose, Pineapple and Lemon, this multi-layered drink is synonymous with those who are a little more than what they seem.


2. The After Work Fix: Old-fashioned Whisky

You work 13 hours a day for 5 (or even 6) days a week and you really need to loosen up - even if that means drinking on a Wednesday evening. Order yourself an Old fashioned Whisky, you’ll be grateful for the sugar during your 8AM meeting tomorrow.

The ICON Twist: Or try our house’s Forbidden Sour cocktail. This mix of French Cognac with dried citrus peel, lemon juice, egg white and syrup adds the ideal amount of kick after a long day. 
3. For the Par-tay Queen: Long Island Iced Tea 

The night is young and your eyes are gleaming. You feel energized and ambitious, so go ahead and seize the day! A glass of long island iced tea is what you need to give yourself a little push to get the par-tea started and feeling absolutely fantastic!


4. Celebrate Anything!: Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne

Celebration is synonymous with the clink of bubbles for us, and it should be for you too. We love celebrations – big and small, and they should always be complemented by a tall, fizzy flute of quality bubbles. For that, we recommend Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne to match any festivity.



5. Feeling Blue: Wine 

Wine. It makes one happy, sad, nostalgic, creative... You get where this is going! It is a blessed elixir that possesses the ability to save you from a mid-life emotional break down or a heart-wrenching break up. Treat yourself to your favourite bottle of wine and give yourself a pat on the back. It’s all going to be okay.


6. Surprise Me: House's Somber Fashion

If you’re going to take a risk and place your trust in the bartender’s hands, then do it wholeheartedly! But there is no harm in receiving advices; One would certainly appreciate our recommendation of house’s signature cocktail, Somber Fashion. A French Courvoisier cognac base sets the tone, while Belgian orange liquer adds a zest of surprise. The drink is lightened with a hint of Passion Fruit, Lemon and Grapefruit served in a novel glass (which kind of reminds us of a giant cigar) topped with a smoking cinnamon stick. If anything, this is one drink that will give you a sense of time-travel back to the golden eras of Hong Kong.

Above: Somber Fashion, Above and Beyond at Hotel ICON
7. For the indecisive: Gin and Tonic

We all have those days whenwe are indecisive to a point that even choosing what to drink puts us in a perennially painful limbo. Avoid the hassle and choose a safe option – A trusty glass of gin and tonic to ease the knots. If you’re feeling a little variety, switch regular tonic to elderflower tonic for some floral notes.


The ICON Twist: What happens to be one of our best drinks adored by many of our patrons is the Oriental Iced Tea (quite different from its you’re perhaps more familiar with). This is a home-infused Jasmine Green Tea Gin base with yuzu honey, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice and black tea.


Above: Gin and tonic Photo courtesy: caterhire


About Dino 

Born and raised in Hong Kong,Dino Chen is Hotel ICON's Above and Beyond bartender. Drawn to the power of storytelling through bartending, Dino has since dedicated unparalleled committment towards his artistry. When not working, Dino can be found hunting forthe best happy hour spots in town or spending day offs with his family.


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Date: August 7, 2018