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Finding the Best Egg Tarts in Hong Kong


February 2021


Craving the best egg tarts in Hong Kong? Join Hotel ICON as we find the finest Hong Kong egg tart and Chinese Egg tart in the city.

Photo credit: Discover Hong Kong (Facebook)

The iconic local confection you simply can’t miss out on: Hong Kong egg tarts. Join Hotel ICON as we get our hands on the best egg tarts in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Settling the great question of where to find the best egg tart in Hong Kong is a difficult one, with most Hongkongers professing some kind of authority on the subject. This beloved delicacy was introduced to Hong Kong in the 1940s from the Chinese mainland, although its history is believed to stretch back much further to 13th century Europe.


All kinds of myths and legends surround the egg tart. Some say it arose out of fierce competition between rival department stores in Guangzhou creating new and ingenious weekly delicacies to draw in the punters, while others claim it to be an innovation of the Portuguese pastel de nata.


How to Distinguish a Good Egg Tart

If you’re in Hong Kong you should make the most of your trip and seek out the finest egg tarts the city has to offer. But what exactly is it that makes a good egg tart you wonder?


A Mouth-Watering Crust

The crust of a Chinese egg tart will make or break the entire experience. There are two types of crusts you will encounter on your journey: the thin/crumbly (sou pei) and the dense/rich (bing pei).


The thicker crust resembles a buttery shortbread texture, while the thinner shortcrust variety is flakier and lighter on the palate. Go for the crust which works for you (those in doubt better try one of each).


It’s All in the Filling

The succulent custard filling of an egg tart is typically blended with evaporated milk and tends to utilize only a moderate amount of sugar for a healthier treat. With plenty of variations on consistency, sweetness and richness, Hong Kong’s elite egg tarts each bring something unique to the party.


Where Are The Best Egg Tarts in Hong Kong?

As the dessert of choice for locals and visitors alike, Hong Kong egg tarts are ever-present throughout the city. However, those on an odyssey to find the most delectable tarts won’t settle for second-best. Join Hotel ICON as we search (and eat) our way through the finest egg tart spots across the city.


1) Kam Fung Restaurant


Photo credits: @stumpydog.studios (Instagram)


Located just a brief stroll south of Wan Chai MTR station, Kam Fung Restaurant serves up delicious egg tarts and local fare. The egg tarts here are made up of a buttery outer base of pastry and a thick inner layer of custard. If you prefer a flaky, melt-in-your-mouth style pastry, then Kam Fung is for you.


Kam Fung Restaurant is what is known by locals as a Cha Chaan Teng, translating from Cantonese as “tea restaurant”. These eateries are noted for their casual vibe and no-nonsense approach to service where you can expect to sit together with strangers for a unique dining experience.


On the side: For a savoury treat, chow down on a smooth ham and chicken pie buffeted by a soft, golden pastry.


41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


2) Kam Wah Café


Photo credits: @ladyironchef (Instagram)


Nestled in the thriving heart of Mong Kok, Kam Wah Café is another locally-renowned Cha Chaan Teng offering a true taste of Hong Kong. The egg tarts here are defined by a buttery and crumbly outer crust housing a firmer-than-most egg filling. There is plenty of more filling savoury options available including fried rice, noodle and sandwich choices for hungrier patrons.


Opening early and closing late, be advised that the last batch of egg tarts come out the oven by 6.30 pm so don’t be late if you want them fresh! The café is only a 5-minute walk from Prince Edward MTR station (Exit B2) and closes at 11.00 pm.


On the side: The café is equally renowned for its Pineapple Polo Buns, sweet butter-filled rolls which despite the name don’t contain any pineapple at all.


47 Bute Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon


3) Tai Cheong Bakery


Photo credits: Tai Cheong Bakery (Facebook)


There are over a dozen locations of this famous bakery dotted around Hong Kong serving up their iconic egg tarts. Purportedly the pioneer of the buttery shortcrust variety of tart, Tai Cheong egg tarts continue to be a hit with all the locals so don’t be surprised at the size of the queue.


Tai Cheong Bakery is perhaps the one egg tart outlet every Hongkonger knows about after the last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, publicly confessed his addiction to the bakery’s tarts. The flagship branch of Tai Cheong is on Lyndhurst Terrace in the Mid-Levels district of Hong Kong Island, conveniently accessible via the Central-Mid-Levels escalator.


On the side: Sample one of the delicious “Saa Yung” Chinese doughnuts, fried egg dough coated in delectable sugar.


35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


4) Honolulu Coffee Shop (Wan Chai)


Photo credits: Honolulu Coffee Shop Wanchai (Facebook)


Another of Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Teng spots, Honolulu Coffee Shop egg tarts are renowned for their delicacy and sweetness. Surrounded by a wafer-thin crust that melts in the mouth, the custard filling is of a sweeter variety for those looking for something more ecstatic on the tastebuds.


This spacious and comfortable eatery serves up a range of sweet and savoury bites and is conveniently situated right next to the Wan Chai MTR station for ease of access. The Honolulu brand has four other locations across Hong Kong and has had a presence in the city since the 1940s.


On the side: For a more substantial bite, try one of the Bo Lo BBQ pork buns which are overflowing with sweet and savoury filling.


Luen Sen Mansion, 176-178 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


5) Hoover Cake Shop


Photo credits: Hoover Cake Shop


Founded in 1975, Hoover Cake Shop is still lovingly tended to by Chow Ping-Kuan, the master artisan behind the bakery’s renowned puffy egg tarts. The tarts here are unique for incorporating duck eggs which endow a notably distinct flavour from competitors.


This takeout-only bakery attracts lines stretching all the way down the street; once you taste their egg tarts, you’ll understand why. The richer and creamier filling of these egg tarts will more than compensate for the trek needed to reach this out-of-the-way confectionary hideout.


On the side: Stop by for a cooking class with masters of the craft and learn the secrets of creating the perfect egg tart.


136 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon


6) Hotel ICON



Inspired by Hong Kong traditional street food “Egg Tart”, Danny has twisted the classic dessert with the favorable silky durian cheese filling. A favourable dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Besides, the Durian Cheese Tart is the first durian creation by Chef Danny 10 years ago in Hotel ICON and since that Hotel ICON has a reputation of providing quality durian flesh and dessert.




Where To Stay?


If you like your hotels as luxurious as your egg tarts, look no further than Hotel ICON. Marvel at the exquisite creations of award-winning pastry chef Danny Ho at Hong Kong’s finest afternoon tea spot, GREEN, or gorge yourself on world-class cuisine from all corners of the globe at The Market, the best buffet in Hong Kong.


With impeccable service and a selection of elegant rooms and suites at your disposal, Hotel ICON is the perfect base to take in Hong Kong in style. Book direct through the hotel website and get perks you won’t find anywhere else!