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Eco-friendly Hotel: Hotel ICON Supports Responsible and Sustainable Tourism


Traveling sustainably is up there with drinking turmeric tea and outfitting in athleisure as one of the top trends for 2018. 

Hotel ICON welcomes socially and environmentally conscious travellers from around the globe, as noted by Cathay Pacific Discovery magazine’s January 2018 feature on "10 Ways To Become A Greener Traveller.” The article recognised Hotel ICON’s efforts in recycling waste, donating excess food and using a water-based cooling system that is 28 percent more efficient than traditional air-conditioning, and Hotel ICON strives to continue to be an environmental pioneer, inspiring innovation in the hotel industry throughout Asia. As one of the leading eco-friendly hotels in Hong Kong, Hotel ICON does their utmost to promote responsible tourism and sustainable tourism. Hotel ICON looks forward to sharing their efforts with you and hope to inspire you to contribute to the sustainable tourism movement.


Guests begin their green experience as soon as they touch down at the Hong Kong International Airport and are whisked away in one of the hotel’s eco-chic style Tesla Model S and BMW i3 electric cars.

Upon entering the hotel, visitors will behold a stunning 18-metre tall wall filled with lush greenery—the largest indoor vertical garden in Asia—designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc, which produces fresh air and reduces the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. Since 2018, the vertical gardens have been irrigated using cutting edge ORCA (Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative) technology, which will turn the hotel’s food waste into water, diverting 285 tonnes of food waste per year from landfills and recycling 135,000 litres of water per year.


All glass, plastic, aluminum and paper are recycled throughout the hotel, the guest check-in process is completely paperless, and guests are provided with a complimentary Hotel ICON tote bag to reduce the use of plastic or non-recyclable bags when shopping around town.

The newest efforts by Hotel ICON on sustainable tourism include the filtered drinking water taps and recycled glassware in guestrooms. Your bathroom will also include in-shower dispensers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash instead of travel sized amenities that produces a lot of plastic waste. The little things can really add up!


On the food front, Hotel ICON is the first hotel in Asia to launch the Impossible Burger. A meatless burger that is growing in popularity around the world from its delicious taste. Make a healthy and sustainable choice with the Impossible Burger which has more protein, less fat, and fewer calories than a similar-sized beef patty. Try one today from our chefs at GREEN. 


Hotel ICON is also a proud sponsor of the Green Race, specialised in organising road and trail running races, which are zero waste events. With the next event coming up in 24 August for Tigershead GreenRace, it features an 8km and 16km race, both of the courses are filled with diversity, by running through local villages, past Silvermine Cave, climbing over Tiger’s Head, arguably one of the most picturesque trails in Hong Kong. Experience sweeping views  across Lantau Island and over to Hong Kong Island.


There are many things you could do during your stay to practice responsible tourism. With Hotel ICON at the forefront of the industry’s environmental practices, traveling green has never been easier, more stylish, and more fun!


We have put together a few tips on how to be an eco-friendly traveller so you can join us in on Hotel ICON’s sustainable tourism movement and practice responsible tourism as you journey through Hong Kong. Get started with a few of the following ideas.


Stay in Eco Friendly Hotels

You are in the right place searching for eco-friendly hotels and coming across Hotel ICON. While staying at Hotel ICON, you can ensure that your hotel stay is contributing to your responsible tourism.


Carry a Reusable Tumbler

Reduce your plastic waste by carrying your own reusable tumbler or water bottle around as you tour the city. This is a simple way to reduce your use of plastic every day.


Carry Reusable Shopping Bags

Hong Kong is known for its shopping, and the city has increased efforts towards sustainable tourism by charging a small fee for plastic bags at checkout. You can help save the earth and save a few dollars by bringing your own reusable bag with you while you shop. Hotel ICON provides its guests with a complimentary tote bag upon arrival.


Unplug and Switch Off the Lights

Before you head out of your guestroom to explore the city, unplug devices that are not being used and remember to switch off the lights. If you don’t mind the warmer temperature, perhaps lower the temperature of the air to conserve energy.


Reduce Unnecessary Water Consumption

Taking excessively long showers is a waste of water. It is a good idea to be mindful of the length of the showers you take. The average shower flows at a rate of 2.1 gallons per minute, and each minute adds up when we take long showers every day. You can also reduce water consumption by only keeping the water faucet on when necessary. For example, try not to leave the faucet running while you brush your teeth.


Take Public Transportation

If you want to get around the city quickly while practicing responsible tourism, take the MTR. The MTR can get you almost anywhere in the city. All stations and trains are air-conditioned and most stations even have WiFi. If you are not up for taking public transportations, ditch the Hong Kong taxis and let our clean Tesla Model S and BMW i3 chauffeur services get you around the city efficiently and in style.


Use our above tips to practice responsible tourism during your stay at Hotel ICON. Hotel ICON is excited to host you at one of the most forward-thinking eco-friendly hotels around and hope that you take advantage of all that Hotel ICON has to offer.