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Hong Kong With Kids?
Here Are The Best Things To Do In Hong Kong!

Planning a holiday to Hong Kong with your kids? Despite being a fast-paced place, Hong Kong is a lot more family-friendly than you’d think.

One of the biggest obstacles for families visiting Hong Kong is discovering interesting places to visit and finding the most fun things to do in Hong Kong with your kids!


Worry not! With the right guidance, you’ll uncover some hidden gems, unlocking the culturally fascinating undertones of a vibrant region with your little one!


So where exactly should you visit with kids in Hong Kong? To offer some inspiration we’ve collected some of the best ideas below:


Ocean Park

Anyone who grew up in Hong Kong or is planning an outing in Hong Kong with kids will immediately think of Ocean Park when you say family day. This modern attraction is split into two main components: The Waterfront and The Summit.

You can reach The Summit via cable car, an opportunity to absorb unbeatable views, or alternatively by taking The Ocean Express Train.

Ocean Park has so much to offer everyone involved will be jumping for joy! Enjoy exotic animals, including a Grand Aquarium with 400 species of fish, a collection of adrenaline pumping rides, a Pacific Pier and Ocean Theatre. There really is something for everyone at this park, meaning you can split your time according to the preference of your group. Just make sure you don’t get lost!



Noah's Ark

This world-renowned tourist resort has been entertaining families for years, representing the first full-sized replica of the acclaimed biblical ship!

An incredible sight, Noah’s Ark offers uniquely amusing activities like 4D movies, nature gardens and much more. The ark overlooks the waterfront, with breathtaking views of the iconic Tsing Ma Bridge.

You’ll be set for a fun-filled day at Noah’s Ark, which is located along the waterfront of Ma Wan Island.

Expect a fun-filled day of wholesome, entertaining, fun-filled activities with your kids that you’ll never forget.



Visit A Weekend Market

This spreads over an incredible mass of land, a staggering 148 hectares of land to be exact!

Located along the Northern slopes of Tai Mo Shan, Kadoorie Farm was once designed to assist poor farmers in the region.

Today it’s one of the region’s most illustrious nature conservation centres. Kadoorie Farm is the home of one of the greenest vegetable gardens imaginable, where you can learn about sustainable and organic growth methods.

These tips are great for those trying to live a more sustainable life, a pressing consideration for those in the Hong Kong area. But if you’ve gone to the farm for the animals, because let’s face it who doesn’t, you’ll be pleased to discover some of the most exotic creatures known to man!

Flamingos, Deer, Porcupines and Pangolins are just a few, so be certain to visit and broaden your cultural horizons.
Hotel ICON

Renowned for its spectacular views, Hotel ICON is also a unique five-star property and provides various family-friendly room options.

To complement its educational roots guests are treated to the best amenities imaginable. The hotel is kitted out with a luxurious floor, award-winning dining for all the family, and sleek Tesla limos too!

Looking forward to wowing your kids? Enter one of the many fantastic suites at Hotel ICON and be dazzled by the breathtaking view of the famous Victoria Harbour. Enjoy the daily Symphony of Lights show at 8 pm and spot the iconic junk boats from Hong Kong throughout the day.

Arguably the best view in the house comes from poolside, where there is decking and a state-of- the-art gym.

This makes Hotel ICON a prime choice for families staying in Hong Kong!



Probably the most famous destination for children across the globe, Disneyland is probably the closest thing to paradise in a kid’s eyes.

As a child or adult it’s difficult to visualise Disneyland without a smile on your face. The magic of Disney can bring out the best in all of us, especially with an eye for the attention to detail on display.

Attractions include everything from Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to hanging out with Woody in Toy Story Land.

Having created so many incredible memories over years of content creation, Disney have basically all bases covered.

What’s great is you can visit areas of the park which correspond with your kid’s favourite characters, amid getting lost in a sea of indoor activities.

Tai Po Waterfront Park

The largest public park in Hong Kong brings many possibilities with it. What’s great about taking your kids to the park is you’ll give them an opportunity to roam, one which I’m sure they’ll welcome with open arms given the congested nature of Hong Kong.

Enjoy one of many beautiful lawns for a picnic, or perhaps fly a kite along one of the most picturesque settings possible.

But you certainly won’t be limited by the activities available! There are dragon boat races and even an insect house where you can look in amazement at some organisms which possibly aren’t native to where you live.

There’s even an amphitheater comprising white sail canopies if that’s down your street, and cycling track which takes you along Tolo Harbour. Arguably the biggest highlight of the park is a quirky lookout tower which resembles a rocket in a hoop skirt!

It is this level of abstract detail which captivates the park, and from said tower you can look out over the harbour from various telescopes available there. You’ll be amazed by the dystopian ‘70s industrial landscape too!

Book a stay at Hotel ICON now, enjoy our Book Direct Added Benefits and you can visit one of these remarkable locations!