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Note: This blog was first published on 13 March 2019 on, where Richard has been invited to contribute a monthly blog.

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I know it may seem obvious, but two things are true about our wedding clientele: One, it's their day and in almost all cases the bride (and, but perhaps less so, the groom) will be very clear on the type of day she imagines. And two, regardless of the fact they may be relatively cool about the normal day-to-day details of their lives, they are going to be hyper-interested and want to have a hand in every part of the organization of their wedding day! So to help satisfy those two things, here at Icon we built a bespoke wedding website that launched last year.

This is the age where all the information you could ever need is only a click away and as individuals we have come to expect this. It's no different for planning a wedding. Once the process starts, potential clients are hungry for quick answers to questions or thoughts. So with so many details to consider and decide upon, building a personalized aspect to a wedding website is a great way to ensure our clients have simple information and lines of inquiry at their fingertips.


We began our website experience by customizing the date option calendar. Most clients will have a good idea of their preferred wedding date, so building a feature that allows them to search their date options simply seemed the obvious place to start.

'ICONIC Wedding' promises the most romantic wedding that every girls dream of


Once they have their date secured they can then begin to custom every aspect of their day from the menu to their desired theme, whether they have in mind an elegant and intimate celebration or the wildest of fairy tale themed extravaganzas, the client is in control of everything from lighting to cocktails, they can select their venue within the hotel, preferred cuisine and other choices.


For Icon, this means we have increased our edge over the local competition with an expected increase on lead turnover of 20% so far, and we have reduced the time spent on detail checking telephone calls, resulting in more time and efficiency in delivery. Giving clients options also allows for upselling and increased profitability per event and certainly the feedback we have received has been positive. In time, we hope that the earned media we receive will help Icon to self-sell its weddings.


Hotel ICON offers customized wedding plan to make the dream wedding comes true

The design and style of the site reflected the overall brand values of the hotel and is an extension of the innovative threads we like to delight our customers with, but it saves on an enormous amount of paper too! But fundamentally, creating this site is our commitment to keeping ahead of the requirements and behavior of our customers.

Standing still in a hotel operation is never an option. There are always ways to squeeze a profit margin, to increase customer delight and therefore keep them coming back. But to do this means we never stop learning and listening and we try to always think creatively around any aspect of our service.


There's a quote I like by Maya Angelou; "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." I hope it sums up our efforts at Icon.


We try to always think creatively around any aspect of our service