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Planning an ICONic Bachelorette Party in Hong Kong




Congratulations on your engagement! Once you become a bride-to-be, you quickly find yourself in a frantic rush to pick your bridal dress, deliver your wedding invitations – and the list goes on. When you have finally worked out every detail of your Big Day rundown, it is time to complete it with the icing on the cake – arranging a pre-wedding party to embark on a new chapter of your life. Instead of brainstorming fun bachelorette party ideas by yourself, Hotel ICON saves your time with an array of top-notch activities and excellent amenities to offer.


Waking up to Appetizing Brunch


The Market at Hotel ICON


After days of hectic errands, you deserve a good meal to mark the beginning of your pre-wedding party. Rise and shine to start your day in leisure with a brunch buffet at The Market, one of the most popular hotel buffet restaurants in Hong Kong. Enveloped in a lively ambience, the seven open kitchens representing different cultures are ready to lay out their finest cuisine in front of you.


Reward yourself with a wide selection of international delicacies, ranging from fresh seafood to grilled meats, which will never fail to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy the quality dishes that you have always craved for at your own pace and taste the freshness in your mouth as if you are visiting an authentic food market. Before heading for the next stop on your itinerary, be pampered with our carefully crafted desserts till satiation amid the hustle and bustle at the heart of the city.



Indulging in Delightful Afternoon Tea


After soothing your mind at the Academy, nothing is better than spending the rest of the afternoon enjoying mouth-watering desserts as a highlight of your bachelorette party activities. Exquisite afternoon teas served at The Market and Green are both excellent choices, depending on your preference for another round of buffet or some simple, hearty food. Additionally, two exclusive afternoon tea sets with distinctive themes are currently offered to introduce extraordinary bites to starving guests. You are cordially invited to indulge and devour to your heart’s content.


“All About Durian” Southeast Asian Afternoon Tea at The Market


Celebrating the annual Malaysian Durian Festival, the "All About Durian" Southeast Asian Afternoon Tea at The Market presents you with durian-inspired sweets and Southeast Asian savouries, leading you into a stimulating journey at the tip of your tongue.


Guerlain X Hotel ICON Golden Bee Afternoon Tea at Green


You may as well go for the Guerlain X Hotel ICON Golden Bee Afternoon Tea at Green, which consists of honey-themed sweet delicacies and matching savouries, accompanied by complimentary gift sets and shopping offers from Guerlain Abeille Royale.





Are you searching for a suitable place to host your pending hen do activities and celebrate sisterhood with your bridesmaids at night? Look no further than the choices of luxurious suites and connecting rooms at Hotel ICON, which mark an unforgettable experience in life.


Club 65 Studio Suite at Hotel ICON


Equipped with delicate furnishings and full-scale amenities, the spacious suites unveil the spectacular view of Victoria Harbour under the velvet sky. They are a great option for putting up splendid decorations – bride-to-be banners, bubble balloons and flower petals. Then spend your precious night in luxury and comfort brought to you by the Club 65 Studio Suite, the Club 80 Harbour Suite and the Designer Suite by Vivienne Tam, and do whatever is on the list with your best friends. You could be taking group photos and posting them on social media, having sincere talks and recounting ups and downs, or going through beauty routines and relaxing your mind and body.


Club 36 City Room at Hotel ICON


If you wish to invite the whole team of bridesmaids to share your joy, why not book a set of connecting rooms – two Club 36 City Rooms to double the happiness and lovely memories? You can make your bachelorette party a more convenient one for everyone with twice the room amenities. In addition to gathering your dearest girls at a significant night, they will also be glad to make use of the plentiful space to do last-minute preparation for the thrilling morning to come.
With extensive experience in personalising wedding ceremonies for our guests, Hotel ICON is pleased to turn your fun bachelorette party ideas into reality with comprehensive facilities and fantastic workshops at Hotel ICON Academy. Find out more about creating a perfect wedding at Hotel ICON here.



Immersing in HIA Featured Workshops


Hen do activities at our hotel are not just about five-star dishes as Hotel ICON Academy proudly presents a full spectrum of art and culinary workshops for guests to have fun with friends in the afternoon. Book a private class with your bridesmaids to refresh your mind and experience moments of mindfulness – come and define the trendiest bachelorette party activities with us.


Make Your Own Wedding Cake Workshop at Hotel ICON Academy


Have you ever dreamt of baking your wedding cake? Now it is your chance to make your dream come true by joining the Make Your Own Wedding Cake Workshop. A brand new workshop calling for creativity, you will go through every essential step of creating a wedding cake with our reputable chef, who is going to show you various ways of decorating your multi-tier cake afterwards. When you have decided on the style of your cake, you can rest assured that all the sugar flowers and laces you want will come neatly together under our care.


French Pastries Workshop at Hotel ICON Academy


If you are a pâtisserie lover, you would not want to miss the French Pastries Workshop. French pastries have been long adored globally for their crispness and puffiness. Enter a world of fanciful delicacies, learn the secrets behind the tastiness and display your tray of custard desserts and cream confections under our chef’s instructions. You may even get some inspiration for the refreshment of your wedding banquet!


All About Chocolate Workshop at Hotel ICON Academy


For brides-to-be who have a sweet tooth, the All About Chocolate Workshop is also a wonderful choice to consider. As you come to know the history of cocoa beans, sit back and taste the sweetness and bitterness of different chocolates. With the basics of chocolate piping, you can easily make edible decorations – take your time to practise creating chocolate scripts and lattices. May your heart melt in the realm of chocolate until you are fully recharged with enthusiasm for the ceremony again.


Wine & Wine Etiquette Workshop at Hotel ICON Academy


Alternatively, you can come to the Wine & Wine Etiquette Workshop to excite your taste buds. Understanding the origins of grapes allows you to pay attention to the characteristics of different wines, and you will then be able to identify some familiar aromas and flavours. Sip the wines like a professional and gracefully compare the contrasting sensations of the alcohols in the wine tasting session. There might be some ultimate tips on the pairing of food and wine for your wedding banquet!