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The Green Race


It’s probably fair to posit that most people’s vision of Hong Kong is that of a cosmopolitan city, filled by high rise residential and commercial buildings. It’s a king of trade and economics. But, in fact, if you look closer, even photos of Hong Kong’s skyline with its glorious hills towering above the city, betrays the fact that this Special Administrative Area holds within it over 44,000 hectares of green space that has been uniquely preserved.



As such, we are unusually proximate to natural beauty, particularly for a city of Hong Kong’s population. Somehow, this is not perceived by so many visitors to Hong Kong, perhaps even residents, who, day by day, are shuttled to work from one’s home through a train in a tunnel; remarkable, no doubt, but not exactly scenic.  The truth is, most of us miss the subtleties of Hong Kong’s beauty and history and, like all of our planet, its fragility.


In common with the rest of the world, the world of beer has seen a massive change in the last few years. Gone are the days when people would just be happy with mass-produced labels. Now it’s all about the artisanal and hand-crafted ales, often made in small batches by boutique-sized companies and passionate individuals keen to show its versatility. Our ambition with the GreenRace, and in particular our next event (GreenRace Ultra) looks to showcase and bring awareness to these three things (beauty, history, and preservation), to both local and international runners. The GreenRace Ultra runs through some of Hong Kong’s most awe inspiring landscapes (such as, Pat Sing Leng nature trail), and historical sites, such as Plover Cove Ancient Trail. Presenting to our participants these areas, as well as softly encouraging a change in the mentality of racing in Hong Kong from one of consumption (medals, abundant race packs that are typically filled with throw away items, etc.) to preservation and environmental awareness, will, we hope, lead to the more rewarding destination experiences. 


Ultimately, we’re pursing the idea of creating ZERO WASTE events, which we hope will translate to the home our participants and to other races in Hong Kong and abroad.    


Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace. We aim to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use. As a means of doing this, We’re offering opt in, opt out race items, as well as sustainably sourced products. If a participant chooses to opt out of certain items, the cost of the item saved is donated to charity. We’ve also gone off plastic bottles, even the carboys, and are now partnered with Life Solutions – a company that specialises in water filtration.


We are dedicated to being more green, and assisting, where we can with humanitarian and community causes. Through engaging our GreenRace community, and those of our partners, it’s our ambition to make a difference.







Next events (use the code word GREENICON upon checking out to receive 15% off any GreenRace event between now and January 31st 2018*): 


1st April 2017, GreenRace Ultra - 70km, 35km

20th May 2017, GreenRace Pottinger - 25km, 12.5km, 5km, Family

16th Sep 2017, GreenRace Immortals  - 30km, 15km, 5km


*This offer is exclusive to Hotel ICON guests, and is only suitable for one-time use.