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The Most Instagrammable Cafés in Hong Kong


A picture is worth a thousand words, and it truly is, especially when you are travelling.

Be prepared to overload your Instagram account with these photogenic cafés in Hong Kong that

will flourish your "feed" and peak the “likes”!


July 2019


Mum's Not Home


Photo Credit: mumsnothome (Instagram)


One of the hottest spots amongst Hong Kong hispters is this versatile bohemian-chic “café”.

Opened by local fashion designer queer couple,  this photogenic “café“ will be sure to make you go camera-crazy.

Famed for their rose and mixed berry cheesecake, they are also known for their live indie bands concerts,

vintage pop-up shops and even haircuts! 


1/F, 302 Shanghai Street Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong 

Tel: +852  9770 5760

Opening Hours: 14:00–20:00 (Mon- Sun, Tue & Wed Closed)




Halfway Coffee


Photo Credit: rie_0209 (Instagram)


The coffee cup can’t be any less important than the coffee itself.

Served in colorful vintage Chinese-style porcelain cups,

Halfway Coffee is one of the favorite boutique cafés sought by both locals and tourists.

The contrasting modern setup of the café adds to its unique eclectic vibe,

not to mention its tasty drinks and bites menu. 


12 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 9511 7197

Opening Hours: 08:00–19:00 (Mon- Sun)


Elephant Grounds Mid-Levels


Photo Credit: ming_fy (Instagram)


Decorated in vintage books and antiques with deep scents of locally roasted coffee beans is Elephant Grounds. 

It is by far one of the most instagrammable cafés in Central.

Acclaimed for its top-notch signature blend earthy and nutty flavours, wide selection of dishes ranging

from salad and pastries for breakfast to miso black cod for lunch; it is ready to satisfy everyone’s palate.  


61 Caine Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2535 7155 

Opening Hours: 08:00–20:00 (Mon-Sun)


% Arabica Hong Kong Star Ferry


Photo Credit: crrson (Instagram)


The second branch of the globally credited café originated from Japan,

% Arabica Star Ferry promises you with

premium coffee, and of course, a perfect photo spot with its iconic logo.

Located in the small corner of the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier,

this contemporary white and woody café will never disappoint your sight and taste. 


 KP-41, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Tel: +852 2323 5203

Opening Hours: 09:00–20:00 (Mon-Sun)


White Button Cafe


Photo credit: ireneng_35 (Instagram)


On the 12th floor of Ashley Centre in the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui, is the dreamlike White

Button café - the perfect hiatus from your hectic daily life. This pink fantasy-themed café has a signature coffee topped

with a gigantic snowman cotton candy, a must-visit spot for Instagrammers! 


Yashley Centre 12/F, 23, Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: +852 2372 9998

Opening Hours: 12:00–22:00 (Mon-Sun)


Starbucks' Hong Kong concept store (Duddell Street)


Photo credit: bbangcho_01 (Instagram)


This nostalgic Starbucks concept store in Central brings you back to Hong Kong in the 50s.

Perfectly blending the retro setup of “bing sutt”- a Hong Kong’s traditional food stall serving local

eateries- with a modern café. This amazingly photogenic spot also serves its special coffee with Hong Kong

inspired snacks such as coffee egg tarts and red bean puddings!


13 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2523 5685

Opening Hours:  07:00–21:00 (Mon-Thur), 07:00–22:00 (Fri),

08:00–22:00 (Sat), 09:00–20:00 (Sun)


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