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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Measures


Last updated: 3 August 2022


Committed to our “We Love to Care” service philosophy and safeguard the health and safety of everyone at Hotel ICON, extensive hygiene measures have been implemented, such as UV light air purification system, Quantum-dot photocatalyst coating from airDefender™, negative-pressure rooms, HEPA air filter to supply hospital grade air quality, and more. Hotel ICON is the first hotel certified with IEQ (indoor Environment Quality) for all hotel guest areas. Hotel ICON has also become Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide for more than 360 standards across health and hygiene protocols. Hotel ICON does not participate in Designated Quarantine Hotel Scheme.


Should third-party professional deep cleaning and fogging fumigation treatment service is required after check-out, additional fees will be incurred.

Guest Arrival

All staff members and guests are requested to measure their body temperature and all persons aged 12 or above must scan the ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ (LHS) venue QR code using the LHS mobile app before entering the hotel. And upon entry, the code scanning record must be presented to our staff.


Starting from 31 May 2022, persons aged 12 or above, unless for medical reasons have been issued with a COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate, must have received at least three doses of COVID-19 vaccine and must present their “vaccination pass” before entering hotel’s catering business premises, including dining outlets, recreation and health club area and event premises. Also, please present proof of a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) result obtained within 24 hours before entering to eat and drink in Above & Beyond Club Lounge.


New standards on Hygienic Practices

New hygienic practices have been introduced and some reinforced to protect guests and employees from a possible virus infection, included but not limited to the following.


  • Travellers who are experiencing any symptoms of fever, breathing difficulty, coughing or sore throat, then it would be wise and caring to the others to promptly seek medical advice and remain at home until fully recovered.
  • All front of house staff should wear surgical masks during their duties.
  • Staff and guests are encouraged to apply alcohol-based disinfectant hand rub dispensers that are installed at all three restaurants and the hotel public areas.
  • UV Light air purifiers are installed in The Silverbox Ballroom and The Market

  • airDefender™ antiviral coating works have been applied to hotel premises, utilising technology that inhibits bacteria and virus growth that lasts for 12 months.

  • Equipped with the HEPA air filter to supply hospital grade air quality and be IEQ (indoor Environment Quality) certified by SGS. (By December 2020)

  • World’s first coronavirus-killing 3D printing materials are now applied to high-touch surfaces; reaching 90% antiviral rate within 10 minutes. This material is tested against COVID-19 virus within 10 minutes of contact (Standard test: ISO 21702: 2019 Against Human Coronavirus 229E) and verified by scientists at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Hotel ICON has become Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide.


  • Hotel ICON achieves health security verification from Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide. The comprehensive verification covers more than 360 standards across health and hygiene protocols, cleaning products and procedures, ventilation, physical distancing, the guest experience, and health safety communication with guests and employees. 
  • Plastic films are installed onto all lift panels, and sanitized every hour by Housekeeping staffs.
  • A health and travel declaration form is obtained from each check-in guest for record. Manager-on-duty shall refer all sick guests or suspicious cases to proceed to the hospital or the nearest clinic for medical check before checking in to the hotel.
  • Main entrance and carpets at the hotel’s lobby are sprayed with qualified disinfectant every hour.
  • Hotel ICON reserves the right to deny entry to any person who has visited the outside HK, Macau in the past 21 days.



Express Check-Out Process

Express check-out service is available when both valid email address and credit card for deposit guarantee are provided. Our guest may simply drop the room key in our ‘Express Check Out’ box at the lobby on the way out and we will bill the credit card provided. A receipt will be emailed to the guest within 24 hours.


Safeguarding Dining Experience at all Three Restaurants

For our Food & Beverage outlets, different measures from food preparation to dining experience have been implemented to ensure food hygiene safety.


  • Temperature checks are conducted before entering the dining outlets.
  • From 31 May 2022, persons aged 12 or above, (except under exempted scenarios listed in Cap. 599F) must have received at least three doses of COVID-19 vaccine before entering the dining outlets and must present their “vaccination pass”.
  • Guests are required to present proof of a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) result obtained within 24 hours before entering to consume in Above and Beyond Club Lounge area.
  • All three dining outlets' table arrangement has been adjusted to 1.5m distance from each other or with installation of partitions
  • Maximum of 8 people are allowed per table at all three dining outlets.
  • Mask envelopes are given out to each guest dining at all three restaurants
  • All chefs are required to wash and sanitize their hands frequently (every hour).
  • Chefs are required to wear surgical masks at all times and wear gloves when handling food items.
  • Staff members have received three doses of COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • All buffet or semi-buffet food are served in smaller portions and are replaced or replenished approx. by every 30 minutes to avoid contamination.
  • All tableware including salt & pepper shakers, toothpick holders, sugar container, tent card holders, menus and bill folders are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.
  • All crockery and utensils used at the buffet counters, including tongs, spoons and under liner are changed and sanitized every 30 minutes.
  • Disinfecting wet wipes are given out to replace normal wet wipes at all restaurants and function areas.
  • Dining tables and chairs are sanitized with designated disinfectant before serving new guests.
  • Above & Beyond Lounge opens daily, and Club rooms cocktail and afternoon tea are served in our restaurant.


Precautionary measures for Events & Catering 

We have intensified Covid-19 measures according to the latest Government regulations and Hotel ICON’s catering services are operating to the highest levels of safety vigilance and health. 


  • Under the latest directions of Cap. 599F, from May 19, wedding banquet/catering banquet for no more than 120 persons are allowed.
  • All catering staff members from all event venues have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, plus an interval of 14 days after the second dose.
  • Reinforced temperature checks before entering event venues remain to be required for your safety.
  • Visit records using Leave Home Safe app are required before entering any venues for all persons aged 12 or above and must present their “vaccination pass”.


The safety and well-being of our guests are our top priority at all times. The above safety measures are implemented in order to keep peace of mind while celebrating your big day with us.


Cancellation Policy during Covid-19

In view of the current and evolving COVID-19 situation, for guests who made reservation directly through our website or with our reservation team, cancellation charge will be waived for cancellation 48 hours before 2pm check-in time. Any room packages that include restaurant reservations, cancellation must be made 72 hours in advance. Guests can refer to the terms and conditions on our package offer page. A standard one-night fee will be applied for any late cancellation.


As health and wellbeing of everyone at our hotel takes center-stage at Hotel ICON. Our team is well-prepared and is dedicated to uphold the cleanliness of our hotel. Hotel ICON looks forward to welcoming guests to the hotel and vibrant Hong Kong in the near future.


To learn about our operation and service updates, click here.





13 High-touch, Deep Clean Areas in Guest Room





Lights, lamps, switches and control panels
Doors, closets, drawers, furniture knobs and
drapery pull handles
Toilet seat, flush lever, splash walls,
shower/ tub/ basin faucets
Handsets, dial pads and function
All bed linens including duvet covers,
pillowcases and sheets have been changed and
treated at high temperatures to kill bacteria
Soap dispensers, individual toiletries, tissue
boxes, soap dishes and amenity trays
Tables, desks and bedside tables
Iron, hair dryer, safe handle and keypad
Cutlery, glassware, ice buckets, mini bars, kettle
and Nespresso coffee machine
The floor has been thoroughly mopped.
An aerosol germicide has also been sprayed on
top of the rugs for disinfection purposes
Each room is equipped with individual air conditioning
and ventilation system in which air will be pre-treated
with UV light air purifiers to eliminate pollutants and
bacteria. Fresh air intake and exhaust air outlets are
also set 5 metres apart from each other to reduce the
risk of cross-contamination
Negative air pressure is applied in all guest rooms as
an isolation technique to prevent cross-contamination,
as air will naturally flow from areas with higher
pressure to areas with lower pressure, thereby
preventing contaminated air from escaping the room