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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Measures


Last updated: 19 June 2020 


Health and wellbeing of guests and staff are the top priority of Hotel ICON. Embracing the unique “We Love to Care'' Philosophy - a service culture with a deep sense of care and commitment for the individuality of guests, extra measures have been implemented at our hotel to ensure the health and safety of all individuals. 


Installation of Thermal Scanner at Hotel Entrance


In view of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, since 31 January 2020, all staff members and newly arrived guests are requested to measure their body temperature upon check-in via a thermal scanner placed near the entrance. The thermo-vision researcher camera is an accurate and intelligent infrared vision system used worldwide in a variety of industries – enabling the detection of real-time subtle temperature variations. This is an ideal choice for our hotel to ensure accurate non-contact temperature measurements get carried out smoothly and effectively. And the device is set to activate a warning lamp to alert our concierge staff during unmanned period, as an extra precautionary step.


Guest's temperature being checked upon entering the hotel premise


New standards on Hygienic Practices

New hygienic practices have been introduced and some reinforced to protect guests and employees from a possible virus infection, included but not limited to the following.


  • Travellers who are experiencing any symptoms of fever, breathing difficulty, coughing or sore throat, then it would be wise and caring to the others to promptly seek medical advice and remain at home until fully recovered.
  • All front of house staff should wear surgical masks during their duties.
  • Staff and guests are encouraged to apply alcohol-based disinfectant hand rub dispensers that are installed at all three restaurants and the hotel public areas.
  • UV Light air purifiers are installed in The Silverbox Ballroom and The Market 
  • Plastic films are installed onto all lift panels, and sanitized every hour by Housekeeping staffs.
  • Past travel records within the last 14 days are obtained from each check-in guest for record. Manager-on-duty shall refer all sick guests or suspicious cases to proceed to the hospital or the nearest clinic for medical check before checking in to the hotel.
  • Main entrance and carpets at the hotel’s lobby are sprayed with qualified disinfectant every hour.





Thermal Infrared Camera placed next to hotel entrance


Safeguarding Dining Experience at all Three Restaurants


For our Food & Beverage outlets, different measures from food preparation to dining experience have been implemented to ensure food hygiene safety.


  • Temperature checks are conducted before entering the dining outlets.
  • All three dining outlets' table arrangement has been adjusted to 1.5m distance from each other.
  • Maximum of four people are allowed per table.
  • Mask envelopes are given out to each guest dining at all three restaurants for temporary mask storage.
  • None of our food or beverage is sourced from Hubei province or Wuhan city, where the Novel Coronavirus originated from.
  • All chefs are required to wash and sanitize their hands frequently (every hour).
  • Chefs are required to wear surgical masks with goggles at all times and wear gloves when handling food items.
  • All buffet or semi-buffet food are served in smaller portions and are replaced or replenished approx. by every 30 minutes to avoid contamination.
  • All tableware including salt & pepper shakers, toothpick holders, sugar container, tent card holders, menus and bill folders are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.
  • All crockery and utensils used at the buffet counters, including tongs, spoons and under liner are changed and sanitized every 30 minutes.
  • Disinfecting wet wipes are given out to replace normal wet wipes at all restaurants and function areas.
  • Dining tables and chairs are sanitized with designated disinfectant before serving new guests, so guests can find a pleasant and safe dining experience at all restaurants.


As health and wellbeing of everyone at our hotel takes center-stage at Hotel ICON. Our team is well-prepared and is dedicated to uphold the cleanliness of our hotel. Hotel ICON looks forward to welcoming guests to the hotel and vibrant Hong Kong in the near future.


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