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5 Advices for Safe Travel to See Family During Easter




In a blink of an eye, Easter will soon be upon us. After the winter festivities and Chinese New Year, the next big holiday is Easter. Easter has always been a time for families to reunite and reflect. As travel resumes, those with family abroad can finally use this opportunity to fly home and spend some quality face-to-face time together.

TripAdvisor reveals in a study that more than 63% of interviewees from the US, UK, Australia, Japan and Singapore ‘would like to see safety measures in place at hospitality businesses, even after COVID-19 cases have dropped worldwide’. Here are five pieces of advice for safe travel to see your family during Easter.


Is it safe to travel in this post-COVID19 pandemic period?


Looking at the relatively high vaccination rates in most cities around the world, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that there is a certain level of safety around you. Take necessary precautions, so you and your family members will be safe and remain healthy. Additionally, media reports show the dominant strains of COVID have reduced in its severity, and although they are highly contagious, they are much milder; often symptoms are no more severe than a common cold. With a few days of rest and medicine, the chance of recovery is considered high.


Whether it is safe to travel also depends on personal considerations. For example, vaccination status, family members’ vaccination status, any young kids, elderly, or immuno-compromised individuals that you are visiting or bringing, and any family members that you will be staying in close contact with working in higher-risk professions. the vaccination status of the family members that you are visiting. 



How should we prepare for the trip?


Be prepared for every situation by having a backup or contingency plan. For example, if there is a likelihood that you cannot fly back home because someone got a positive test, where can you and your family stay? If the flight gets cancelled, are there other potential routes that you can take to get home safely? 

Buy travel insurance. Find out which plans are most suitable for your needs. Many flights offer additional flight insurance for added costs when booking. However, this usually only covers incidents directly related to the flight. Choosing a comprehensive travel insurance that covers the entire duration of the trip alleviates worries and stress regarding instances that are out of your control. 

Make an itinerary and plan in advance where you will go and what you will be doing. That way, you can pack the appropriate shoes, clothes, and medical kits within your luggage. 

Before flying, make sure to get all the paperwork in order. With changes constantly happening with travel regulations, having your documents together and easily accessible means that you will be prepared for any questions the immigration office might ask. Print out your vaccination records, PCR tests within the last 6 months if you were positive, flight tickets, room accommodations, bus tickets, and your itinerary.

Do your research on the places you are visiting or staying at. For example, what are the specific hygiene measures that your chosen accommodations have in place? Where are the nearest medical centre, hospital, pharmacist and police station? Having these mapped out beforehand means that if there is an emergency, you know where to go immediately. 


How to stay safe when travelling with family?

Here are some tips for staying safe: 


Although masks may not be mandated in the city you are visiting, bring extra masks with you while travelling. Wearing one on the flight, public transportation, and in crowded spaces help to add a layer of protection against the virus since it is impossible to see and know where strangers have been.

Bring a hygiene kit wherever you go to make sure that you are up to optimal hygiene standards no matter where you are. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness level of certain places if you hear someone coughing. Within the hygiene kit, include extra masks, hand sanitisers, RAT kits, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial wipes, and disposable gloves. 

In addition to having an on-the-go hygiene kit, bring a first aid kit. Prepare yourselves against not only COVID but also other common potential health incidents, such as stomach issues or any other pain. Include painkillers, vitamins (especially ones that strengthen the body, lungs, and respiratory health), thermometer, and anti-diarrhoea medicine within this kit. Depending on your destination and itinerary, add travel sickness or altitude sickness medicine. 

When planning your itinerary, avoid crowded touristy spots, especially indoor locations during the popular visiting times. If you must go to these places, choose a time where there are less people.

Vaccinations are key to fighting the virus and keeping safe. If timing allows, get booster shots for you and your family right before your travels. This lowers the chances of contracting the virus and also lessens the severity of any symptoms if you do.  



How to choose hotels to ensure health safety?



Discovering the perfect place to stay can be challenging. For a post-pandemic trip, the most important consideration is determining the accommodation’s dedication to hygiene and safety. Committed to a high standard service philosophy, Hotel ICON has put into place extensive hygiene measures to safeguard guests and families, including UV light air purification systems, negative-pressure rooms, HEPA air filter to supply hospital grade air quality, antiviral coatings on most facilities within the hotel premise, and more. Hotel ICON is the first hotel to be certified with IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) by SGS for all hotel guest areas. World’s first Antiviral 3D printed materials developed by the School of Polytechnic University are applied on high touch buttons. Smart thermal and infrared screening tools and convenient sanitising machines mean that choosing Hotel ICON will put your mind at ease regarding health and safety for at least one aspect of your trip with your family. Book your Easter holiday accommodations today!