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Sustainability is at the Heart of ICON’s Mission


Covering two of the largest industries - hotel and travel - Hotel ICON believes we have the responsibility and the power to promote and foster responsible travel for our guests. With this, we have implemented many measures to help our guests learn about and contribute to eco travels. It is important to work together to reduce waste and overconsumption in the hotel industry. Vacation can be both luxurious and eco-friendly. Hotel ICON is a leader in Asia among sustainable hotels, and we share our efforts here with you.

Importance of Responsible Travels and Eco Travels
Globalization promotes the ease of international tourism. Yet, the growing number of travelers bring a negative impact on the local community and the environment. For instance, varieties of species disappear due to the rapid development of travel attractions and emission of CO2. We should not turn a blind eye to the damage of the ecosystem. All of us should ensure our trip is leaving the smallest footprint. It is time for every one of you to save the planet with Hotel ICON together.
Responsible Travel:  Utilize the Eco-friendly Amenities of Hotel ICON
Hotel ICON raises the bar for socially-conscious hospitality by having an Ultra Filtration & Purification Drinking Water System in each guestroom as an alternative to plastic water bottles.
A hotel unlike any other, Hotel ICON is fully-resourced as a live research lab to experiment and adopt the latest innovation and technologies in hospitality. Hotel ICON is the first in Hong Kong to experiment with this Ultra Filtration & Purification Drinking Water System in the guestrooms. Taking it a step further, the hotel has also introduced other sustainable options including in-shower dispensers, eco-friendly bathroom amenities and laundry bags.
Addressing Hong Kong's new regulation on disposable plastic products
To gradually reduce the use of plastic in daily life, Hong Kong government launched a new regulation on disposable plastic products. As a hotel dedicated to sustainable operations, in April 2024, Hotel ICON will reduce plastic waste. From toothbrushes to combs, room amenities will be made from environmentally-friendly materials. By choosing Hotel ICON, guests not just enjoying a comfortable stay, but also actively contributing to the preservation of our planet. Our dedication to reducing waste and promoting responsible travel means that every aspect of your experience at Hotel ICON is designed with sustainability in mind.

Filtered Drinking Water Tap and Recycled Glassware in Guestrooms

Water tastes better when less plastic is involved. Sustainability-minded Hotel ICON is reducing the use of plastic water bottles by installing an Ultra Filtration & Purification Drinking Water System, and having recycled carafes and glassware readily available to guests in guestrooms.

In-shower Dispensers to Replace Individual Bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap


The hotel has also installed in-shower dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, body and hand wash, to replace individual bathroom amenities in its guestrooms. The dispensers feature products from APPELLES, a premium Australian skincare brand.

Bathroom Amenities with Organic Ingredients, Biodegradable Packaging and Animal Cruelty Free

With certified organic ingredients, biodegradable packaging and animal cruelty free, APPELLES products is ICON’s choice are the brand is kind to the environment as they are to our guests. Apart from using certified organic and natural ingredients, APPELLES products are also paraben-free and contain no artificial colouring.


100% Cotton Laundry Bag

In April 2019, Hotel ICON bid goodbye to plastic laundry bags. Hotel guests will instead be offered eco-friendly laundry bags, made 100% from cotton.


Eco-travel: Explore the “GREEN” Initiatives of Hotel ICON
As one of the most sustainable hotels, Hotel ICON is committed to promoting responsible travel through advocating its ‘Thinking Green’ philosophy and adopting the following initiatives:
Asia’s Largest Indoor Vertical Garden

Greeting our guests in the lobby, we are home to over 8,603 plants with 71 species that grow in the vertical garden.
First Hotel in Asia to Turn Food Waste to Water

Did you know that Hotel ICON turns food waste into water? A trendsetter in the travel industry with a strong dedication to environmental practices, Hotel ICON is the first in Asia to implement ORCA technology. With the implementation of ORCA, Hotel ICON diverts 285 tonnes of food waste per year from landfills, recycles 135,000 liters of water per year, reducing garbage diesel fuel usage and its CO2 emissions.
First Hotel in Asia to Launch the Impossible Burger

We are the first hotel in Asia to launch the Impossible Burger, a sustainable plant-based burger that is a game-changer for the food industry in conserving and protecting our planet. The best thing is it uses 74% less water, generates about 87% fewer greenhouse gases, and requires around 95% less land than conventional ground beef from cows.
Sustainable Uniform Solution

Fabrications: We have replaced existing uniforms with a solution that includes certified recycled fabrics and certified fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. By using recycled polyester instead of regular polyester it saves the environment further by reducing carbon footprint from the manufacturing process; using significantly less energy and water consumption, thus creating much lower CO2 emissions.
100% Electric Transportation

We have further reduced our carbon footprint by moving to 100% electric transportation with Hong Kong’s first electric hotel shuttle bus, 3 Tesla model S and a BMW i3. Our groundbreaking electric vehicles sit perfectly with our philosophy of running a property that is sustainable wherever possible.
Electric Vehicle Conference

Hotel ICON organised Asia’s 1st Future Electric Vehicle Leaders Circle 2018, where we brought experts in electric vehicles and leaders in the hotel industry to discuss the viability of EV as hotel transportation and to promote sustainability in Hong Kong.

Paperless Check-in and Recycling

We try to minimise the amount of paperwork by using paperless check-in. It is not only speedy, it saved 40 trees last year! We also recycle our garbage, including glass and plastic bottles, paper and aluminum cans.
Energy Saving

We cut CO2 emissions and save energy consumption by using water cooling systems instead of air to chill our plants. We also use what would be waste energy to pre-heat water for our swimming pool and our guest rooms by using a heat pump.

As a sustainable hotel, we try to maximise the use of natural lighting by choosing to use LED lights and by installing sensors to know when to switch off lights and electric functions when the space is not being used.


Never stand still in promoting responsible and eco-travels
Hotel ICON will continue to launch different sustainable campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to lead everyone to go beyond luxury travel and improve the environmental footprint.